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GAGA Crime and Punishment

3 Jun

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Following the end of the Second Corporation Wars in 2920, the GAGA established a well-defined criminal justice system with clearly delineated approaches to crime and punishment.

The GAGA assembly drafted a Galactic Citizen’s Bill of Rights with a section dealing with citizen rights and criminal activity, entitled Rights of the Galactic Citizen. In one of only four unanimous votes of the GAGA Assembly, it was determined that the main drive of the GAGA was to create and maintain effective, productive citizens with access to basic amenities of life through the GAGA, and to ensure that citizens could be made as productive and effective as possible for the duration of their natural lives, then determined to be 120 years. As part of this declaration, minimum levels of mobility, health, nutrition, access to amenities and freedom of opportunity were laid out.


In addition, the GAGA Criminal Defense Committee laid out in 2924 a then current list of crimes along with a table and flowchart of rehabilitation entitled The GAGA Criminal Rehabilitation Flowchart.


This document is updated every five years, following Galactic vice-presidential elections. In it are laid out a comprehensive list of crimes, the ways in which such activities reduce the effective productivity of the citizen and a list of possible causes for, and remedies to, the underlying discordances that caused the criminal activity.

The Committee was able to, with relative certainty, come to fairly strong determinations of the reasons for criminal behaviour due to the long exposure of its citizens to a variety of different environmental situations. With over a thousand years of data to collate, psychiatrists, doctors and other specialists had come to understand that in addition to the age-old pressures of hunger, dearth and addiction, there were also various environmental causes for a pre-disposition to crime. These included exposure to the wrong kinds of electromagnetic, geomagnetic and celestial energies, buildup of various heavy metals in the body, exposure to various micro-organisms, chemicals and other substances. The GAGA also realized that what was a healthy and conducive environment for one individual could be a suppressive and toxic one for another, leading to criminal mis-behaviour that was largely due to misplacement of the individual.

For this reason, Galaxy-wide baseline psychological and physical evaluations were made mandatory starting in 2930. Children were evaluated with scanning technology shortly after birth to determine the scope of their baseline physiology, basic receptiveness to conditioning/creative thought, predispositions for certain conditions and relative susceptibility to various exo-environmental forces.


Every seven years, citizens were given re-evaluations to mark out their continued development and try to find ‘stresses leading to criminal activity’ and remedy these before they turned to transgression of the law.

The system, while effective in limiting a great deal of crime, was not infallible. Resources were often pinched at certain times, leading to ‘lost generations’ in the GAGA. These individuals were more predisposed to transgression activities, and fell into the Galactic Universal Rehabilitation (GUR) wing of GAGA resources.

The GAGA Criminal Rehabilitation Act was established with the aim of “determining the definitive cause of criminal activity in the individual” with an eye toward “redirection of the individual’s energies, using re-education and relocation to allow the transgressor to maintain as full participation as possible as a Galactic citizen.” As part of this, the GUR was created to take criminals convicted by GAGA courts and rehabiliate them into society. Any citizen of the GAGA received two rehabilitations and relocations for their grevious crimes. On the third crime committed on the GAGA’s Grevious Crimes list, the individual would be taken to a prison colony for use by the GAGA itself. These colonies were generally harsh but humane, although several notable degradations are on record.

During the first rehabilitation process, the GAGA’s complete physio-psychological evaluation would be examined. The Flowchart was consulted to determine if any environmental stresses, toxic buildups or other physiological abreactions had occurred. If this was found to be extant, then the GUR would remedy them, re-evaluate the individual and prepare them for reintroduction to society. If any psychological issues still remained- counter-productive conditioning based on the aggravating factor, abusive habits etc- then re-education, conditioning and behavioural therapy were given.


Once the individual passed secondary evaluations, they would be re-introduced to the GAGA. This involved giving the individual a new identity card and placing them in a new sector of the Galaxy. Restrictions on travel, work and other activities stayed on their permanent GAGA file- these restrictions prohibited the individual from exposure to the stressors that induced the crime.

Over 85% of criminals thus rehabilitated stayed contributing citizens and had no further criminal activity of note.

The remaining re-offenders, once convicted of their secondary Grevious Crime, would be sent back to GUR facilities. A secondary physio-psychological evaluation would take place, and remedies were applied. More intensive re-education and psycho-social rehabilitative measures would be taken, including aversion chips, cybernetic implants and neural stabilizers to prohibit certain negative activities. Once the individual passed a secondary examination that proved them ready for re-habilitation, they were again re-introduced to GAGA society, this time restricted to certain sectors/quadrants of the Galaxy, dependent upon the indivudal’s environmental limitations.


On the third transgression, individuals were given a final GUR re-evaluation and a definitive diagnosis for their recidivism was delivered. These criminals were sent to work camps and GAGA outposts on the edge of the Galaxy, either to work in basic labor units for GAGA resources, or as ‘place-holders’ on the frontiers of the Galaxy, to stake GAGA claims. Life was remote and assistance minimal, but the GAGA would still check in every few months with evaluators for compliance to Rights of the Galactic Citizen Act. Although most asteroid work camps and remote colonies functioned within baseline parameters, corruption and smuggling were rampant; as a result, sometimes the level of care fell well below GAGA standards.



GUR and GAGA workers had the right to comandeer any camp or colony that was sub-par and rectify the situation, up to and including taking command of it. Any officials of these camps that were found guilty of transgressions leading to the poor conditions were themselves charged with criminal violations and entered into the GUR system.


Frizzallians, Race

25 Feb

Frizzallians are a rare species who are dispersed through the GAGA sporadically having destroyed their own planet. They are a doomed species having had spawning grounds on their planet that were required for breeding. They are extraordinarily long lived, assuming they aren’t killed by their hubris they may live 800 years or more. They have the capacity to implode into a vacuum or explode into a small nuclear reaction. Usually the two capabilities cancel each other out but during the great Frizzallian civil war of 3267 a chain reaction occurred that caused the entire planet to explode and implode simultaneously. The only survivors were the Frizzallians who were not on the planet during the civil war. Along with the innocent civilians many GAGA diplomats and GAF representatives were killed in the imploding explosion. The Frizallians are easily recognized by their smooth iridescent purple skin and remarkable physical beauty. A cult movement rose up amongst many of the survivors who swore to never use their powers or good or ill ever again. Many of them swore themselves to lives of austerity and service in regret for the war that led to the destruction of their planet. Some Frizzallians grew angry at the loss of their planet and work to destroy as much of the galaxy as They can to spread their pain. The Benevolent Order of Frizzallians constantly hunts down any rogue Frizzallians and eliminating their terrorist brethren is the only time they will on occasion use their powers. Even then it is extremely reluctantly. They attempt to capture and re-educate the rogue Frizzallians as their species is so very finite.

A Word from Our President

27 Jan

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Galactic News Network, In Quotes magazine, CelebNow Network and other GAGA news affiliates in response to the media storm surrounding the death of the 13th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, Luis Ruiz. It was penned by his widow, Gabrielle, who is currently President of the Universe.

Quit Saying I Killed My Husband(s)


Lately in the media there has been a rash of uninformed people spreading the unfortunate rumor that I was involved in my Late Husband Luis’s dreadfully unlucky accident.

The truth of the matter is that people will always be jealous and will always find ways to breakdown the reputation of beautiful, successful women. What woman in the whole of the galaxy is as successful (and dare I say, as beautiful as I)?  I’m certain we can agree that there is no one in the galaxy who is as sure to collect the useless slanders and lies against her person than myself.

It is difficult to be a woman who was married to a man who became known as the ‘luckiest man in the galaxy’. Luis Ruiz, The Thirteenth  Prime Minister of the Galaxy, also known as ‘Lucky Thirteen’, died tragically in his own bed, the victim of a shaving accident.

Yes! I have heard your questions so many times in the past- you all say to me, ‘But your Presidentship, how could this happen? That a man would stab himself to death three times in the belly while sleeping, it makes no sense!?”

This is how you show you are narrow minded and backward thinking is by saying these things! I will spell this one for you as I did for the inquiring sub-committee of All Planets Insurance, who found there was no fault in my case:

Luis was a man who valued his time. Did you know that a man spends between ten to twenty minutes every morning on his shaving regime? Do you know how many minutes that adds up to in a year? I didn’t, but I found out how many, it is as many as 7300 minutes or over 121 hours in one single year! A man who dies at the relatively young age of a hundred and fifty years has spent 18, 250 hours of his life shaving!

But Luis, my darling love, he would not spend so much of his life to waste on his vanity! He cared too much for his vows of office to waste taxpayer time and money on his own face. That is why he hired the famous hypnotist and race car driver, Renny Buhhard, to teach him to shave whilst sleeping.

Renny warned Luis and warned Luis that such a thing to undertake, was too brave and too experimental. Luis, he sadly refused to listen and so he spent several months on first the hypnotherapy required and then on practicing, first with a wooden dowel and then with a safety razor, but alas, as you all well know, Luis Ruiz was always a prefectionist.

I cried when he told me that it was time to begin the shaving with a straight razor. I told him, it was too much of a risk for the cleanest shave! Aya aya, he would not listen to me. He said I could not possibly understand the importance of a close shave to a man. I told him, I say, ‘don’t be retarded. That’s the so dumb. I shave my legs and lots of other things that you have no idea about you stupid man.”

He refused to listen. I tried to sleep next to him that night, but it was too difficult, I kept waking up and seeing the straight razor blade gleam in the moonlight, it was too much and so I slept in a different bed. The next morning the maid found him and called the emergency number. I woke to her screaming, you can’t imagine. That is why I say to you, stop saying I murdered my first husband, also stop saying the same about my second Prime Minister, ‘One Week Messer’. I have been cleared on both accounts and to say so, I can sue you and have many lawyers.

It wouldn’t be nice if I had to get the lawyers to come and sue you, so I’m asking nicely now for you and your publication and/or holo show to stop the nastiness or I will make you wish you had hired Renny Buhhard and had died quietly in your sleep yourself. You like threats? I can threaten better so watch your back.


Gabrielle, President of the Universe.


*The Press Office of the President of the Universe wishes to specify that the President did not intend any slander or insult to the altered or mentally challenged members of the GAGA, nor did she intend to slander the memory of her beloved deceased husband. Such language was used in a dramatic and literary sense, as per GAGA FoS Regulation 2319-EA, Protected Use of Language as Rhetorical Device.

– written by Virginia Carraway Stark.



14 Jan

Easty-Westy is the homeworld of the GAF Officer Training School, or GAFOTS. It is a planet in the Telamer system in Alpha Quadrant. Easty-Westy is so named for its perpendicular magnetic field to that of earth- its magnetic pole is in the westernmost end of the planet, to use Old Earth terminology.

When humans first took over the reins of the GAGA, they expanded the Galactic Armed Forces and modeled it more exactly after an earth-style military system. The sheer volume of officers the GAF needed to regain authority over the GAGA meant that an entire planet needed to be redesigned especially for this purpose. The originial military consultants used a mostly abandoned farming planet in the Telamer system that rotated along an horizontal axis- the novelty was indelibly commemorated in its name.

The entire planet is now designed to further the education, indoctrination and development of GAF Officer skills. Oceans are set up for a variety of amphibious, submarine and surface maneuvers. The variety of geographical regions on each continent are utilized for in depth officer tactical training. The grounds of each academy are groomed in immaculate fashion and set up to immortalize the different varieties of Old Earth military might. BirchBough itself is modeled after West Point training academy on Old Earth.

The two main land masses on Easty-Westy are home to twenty-three officer academies, designed to specially train officers in fields as diverse as medicine, clerical, logistics, combat, special ops and interstellar command. To encourage a sense of competitiveness and to increase solidarity in the widely dispersed GAF Officer corps, the designers of the Training School set up rivalry between the continent of Easty and Westy. Easty continent is designed to commemorate the martial cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere on Old Earth as well as those martial cultures of the GAGA whose military most closely resonates with those cultures. Westy is designed after the Western Hemisphere’s great military powers and produces some of the great. As fewer GAGA cultures had developed concurrent militaries developed after these neo-restorational models, there is less exo-cultural influence in Westy. Easty’s academies therefore are known throughout the galaxy as one of its leading exo-cultural fusion training institutions.

War games, training exercises and all manner of competitions including art and music exhibitions, Shakespearean acting festivals and cooking contests encourage both a sense of solidarity amongst the schools and friendly rivalry between the opposing continental groups. These alliances and rivalries continue into the officers’ professional careers and have given increased efficiency and drive to the officers Easty-Westy produces.

On Easty-Westy itself, several schools of high repute have developed and many GAGA citizens will join the GAF for a four year term just to get a superlative education in dentistry, exo-medicine, history, engineering or music. Amongst these schools, BirchBough Academy is held in highest regard for the particularly driven, well-rounded students it produces. Current GAF HQ General Emil Skoda is a graduate of BirchBough Academy. Detach Detachment’s Lt. Wheaton also attended the school.

Dukh Project

13 Jan


Also known as The Spiriters, The Dukes of Doom

All of the aforementioned are pop culture references to an above top secret group said to abduct and study citizens of the GAGA who are subject to extreme psi-oriented alterations to their genetic code.

It has been long recognized on resource or toxin-heavy planets (like Sasha Wheaton’s homeworld of Dalton) that the pollutants cause mutation in the genetic stock of the inhabitants. Most of the alterations to the inhabitants are prohibitive to life. However, some are born with psionic, psychic and telekinetic abilities, as well as physical qualities, that are regarded as evolutions. When these beings are recognized by the beaureaucratic engines of the GAGA, they are often removed from their homes and spirited away by unmarked military personnel.

Tales of these Spiriters spread amongst the row houses, through transport chains and into the galactic consciousness. The urban legends vary considerably from planet to planet in the GAGA, but the general consensus is that the Spiriters remove the residents to a centralized location where they run horrible, invasive experiments on them to try to unlock and understand their psychic abilities.

Although there is absolutely no official record of the Spiriters in GAGA or GAF documentation, conspiracy researchers have found reference to something called The Dukh Project- named for the Old Earth Russian word, Spirit. As the historic Communist regime in Russia conducted in depth experimenteation on their own psychic populace, and was known to allow pollution to mutate their populace in order to examine its effects on their genes, the connection was made between this nearly unknown Project and the well-documented Spiriters.

The Russian word for Spirit’s similarity to the Old Earth aristocratic term, Duke, has resulted in slang designations of Dukes or Dukes of Doom for the people who take the altered citizens away. This catchy term has cemented the Spirters of the Dukh Project into the pop culture consciousness of the GAGA. Several songs, including one by Sinniq B, feature imagery from this phenomenon. A series of three movies featuring elements of the story was first a horror franchise, then a children’s cartoon series, named The Dukes of Doom. While popular in the Alpha Quadrant, it is prohibited for airplay in the more resource heavy Gamma Quadrant.

As to actual facts related to the Dukh Project, it is rumored that it is supervised ultimately by the President of the Universe, Gabrielle. The President has disavowed any knowledge of the project apart from the pop culture franchise and its associated legends. An intrepid researched known as Q.T. Langley uncovered a Telamer memo to the GAGA Executive Branch with the words Dukh Project contained in it, leading to wild supposition that the aging Telamer race is using its adopted human inheritors as guinea pigs to develop… something. What that something is, however, is open to as much speculation as the dubious existence of the Dukh Project itself.

-Tony Stark.

Quetzal Ferguson

12 Jan
A candid photograph taken by In Quotes Magazine for their article of Sept. 3058

A candid photograph taken by In Quotes Magazine for their article of Sept. 3058

15th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, elected in 3052 with the largest majority of any Prime Ministerial victory. He is currently Prime Minister to President of the Universe, Gabrielle.

Quetzal Ferguson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Old Earth, in the year 2992, to noted inventor Professor Saturnus “Scottie” Ferguson and Dr. Jean O’Neill, a reknowned archaeologist. An only child of extremely intellectual parents with a large age discrepancy between them, Quetzal was raised in a “bohemian cavalcade of independent indifference”, to quote from his first autobiographical memoir. Raised alternately in the cold drizzle of Scotland’s far north and tropical dig sites in Mexico and Central America, he was a solitary child who rarely attended formal schooling. He instead gleaned knowledge from his parents and read voraciously, challenging the Scottish O level exams at age 14 and obtaining entry to the University of Edinburgh later that year.

He spent the next six years gleaning a joint degree from Edinburgh and Mexico’s Totleotl Universidad in between travels with and without his parents. Quetzal was missing and presumed dead for a period of 18 months when he walked into the jungle and disappeared. His mother Dr. O’Neill was investigating the location of a lost temple to his namesake at the time. Quetzal returned a year and a half later, having located the temple and the remains of a great city that surrounded it. Dr. O’Neill still excavates at this site today. Quetzal wrote a stirring, fictionalized account of his discovery of the temple that displayed such an intricate understanding of the functioning of ancient Mayan civilization that the Universidad bestowed him with a Master’s Degree in Archaeology.

Professor Ferguson encouraged Quetzal to return to Scotland for his 24th birthday following his discovery in the jungle. The younger Ferguson took his aged father’s advice and returned to the Professor’s laboratories in Edinburgh. He followed his father’s guidance again and applied for the Law School at Edinburgh, where three years later, he obtained his legal degree in 3016. The elder Ferguson died in December of that year.

Quetzal became a legal advisor to the United Nations of Earth, specializing in cultural sensitivity issues, the rule of law as applied in a greater galactic temporal context and freedom of speech legislation. He spent much of his time at the Hague in Brussels and Westminster in England, explaining legal precedent and applying it to the dynamic world of Old Earth intergalactic law.

In 3029, Quetzal Ferguson was asked to join his first GAGA panel as advisor for Human Legal Precedent- a coveted position, as all GAGA policy had purposefully evolved over the past 350 years to reflect more of Old Earth’s living, dynamic legal values. Although it was merely an advisory position, it nevertheless held a great deal of power; Quetzal was now largely the final word on the application of GAGA law. Dignitaries from planets all over the GAGA frequently contacted him personally to ask his advice in the shaping of local laws and charters.

His position of import with the GAGA legal commission circuit was augmented by the powerful personality behind his brilliant legal mind. Self-effacing humor and a plain, folkish way of speech allowed even the most rudimentary of intellects in the GAGA to comprehend not just the law, but the reasons behind the law. Quetzal filmed a series of documentaries about “The Laws of the GAGA”, where he travelled across the galaxy meeting current lawmakers and leaders as well as giving brilliant historical expositions into the figures that formed precedent. Many episodes of his documentaries are still used for teaching in GAGA courses.

In 3051, it was announced that Quetzal Ferguson intended to run for Prime Minister of the Galaxy, following “One Week Messer’s” short tenure in the office. Thoroughly endorsed by both the Telamer and the President of the Universe, Gabrielle, Ferguson was elected and swore his oath of office in 3052. Due to the overwhelming majority that elected him and the unrest preceding, it was also voted on the same ballot to allow the winner of the election to serve a special extended term that rectified elections back to mid-decade. This amendment to the Galactic Constitution also passed with a vast majority.

Quetzal Ferguson is currently six years into his first, extended term of office, and will be briefly Acting President of the Universe in 3060 when Gabrielle must set aside her Presidential powers in order to run for re-election.

Quetzal Ferguson is divorced and has one daughter, Marisol Ferguson, who is a marine biologist.

– Tony Stark.

Week Long Encyclopaedia Galactica Blitz!

12 Jan

daltons daughter cover


To celebrate the release of Dalton’s Daughter in ebook and print formats, GAF Mainframe has joined forces with Encyclopaedia Galactica to provide a week-long cavalcade of entries on subjects taken from Virginia Carraway Stark’s excellent book!

Tune in here every evening to read a new EG entry featuring fascinating backstories and tidbits about the exotic world of the GAGA.

Learn about the reality of Sasha’s training destination, Easty-Westy, the GAF Officer Training planet.

Read about the secretive organization thought to be responsible for the kidnapping of Sasha’s sister, Anastasia.

Discover the intricacies of the Martial Space station where Sasha trained… and more!


Join us all week for a Dalton’s Daughter easter egg extravaganza!


– Tony Stark