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Announcing New Galactic Armed Forces Novels!

14 Nov


We’re pleased to announce that not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new GAF novels are coming out in the winter of 2017!!

First, the LONG-awaited sequel to Dalton’s Daughter, the saga of Lieutenant Sasha Wheaton, is set to arrive in December of 2017. In it, you can read about Sasha’s troubled time in Galactic Armed Forces training camp and her eventual exile to the worst company in the Forces- Detach Detachment. Included in this edition are Sasha’s first-hand account of her trysts with transportation magnate Howard Donovan, as well as her encounter with one of the biggest Verily Wrought stalkers in the Galaxy!

Check out GAFmainframe.com all this winter for excerpts and content available only online, including the InQuotes magazine article that first broke the story of the Donovan/Wheaton fling.

Second, by popular demand, we have a novel featuring some of the long and storied history of the oldest android in the Galaxy, Nick Goodfrey. Long attached to the Wrought Family, Nick Goodfrey is the only being who served in both Corporation Wars, and was listed before his disappearance as the most Infamous in the Galaxy.


In The Androsian Question, we find Nick standing before one of the most serious tribunals in the Galaxy, a Hearing-in-Council, defending his creation of a race of beings using prohibited technology. These events take place shortly before his disappearance and feature a young Verily Wrought- and now you can read the story not just from Verily’s childhood remembrances, but from Nick’s own perspective!

This story was chosen from a poll of GAF fans as the number one piece of backstory they would like filled in- read The Androsian Question in January 2018 to find out not just what was behind the Hearing-in-Council, the cure for MVD introduced on Miller’s Planet, but what exactly did happen to Nick Goodfrey… and if he still exists.

Third, we have The Arkellan Treaty,  a collaborative novel set in the GAF present. Captain Verily Wrought of Detach Detachment is sent with his soldiers to the dual planets in the Arkello system to avert an interplanetary war. In this novel we find out more about Galactic singing sensation Consin Arkadie, as well as more about the mysterious cloning guru Patrick Long. With segments contributed by Van Fleming, Will Norton, Leanne Caine, Mandi Millen, Jason Pere and more, this collaborative novel expands characters in the present day GAF timeline like Bev the Indorian, IUS Agent Aric Drakes and Galactic Prime Minister Quetzal Ferguson.


Last but certainly not least, we have a second installment in the history of Nick Goodfrey and Anore Wrought. Tales from Space: the Great Corporation War is an anthology of tales that fills in the nine hundred and fifty year timeline of the First Corporation War. Started by Old Earth corporations like Goodfrey Industries, Sinclair Corp and Hoshido Concern, this abominable millenium-long battle encompassed every quadrant of the Galaxy and nearly resulted in the expulsion of the human race from the Galactic Association of Globes and Asteroids.


Included within are a variety of snapshots of life during the War, including:

  • how Victor Wrought traded Nick Goodfrey to Sinclair Corporation in exchange for his life
  • the making of the Pleiades androids that still inhabit their eponymous star systems today
  • the COMPLETE story of how the infamous “Dancing Robot” incident occurred in deep space, following one of the most bloody battles of the War
  • the eventual return of android Nick Goodfrey to the Wrought family, and the circumstances of the first bioweapon used on the head of a Corporation
  • the real story behind why Nick Goodfrey kidnapped every CEO of each warring Corporation and held them captive on Telamer V

Also included in this fabulous, illustrated anthology are the original images from news articles of the era, as well as magazine excerpts from Galaxy Today, InQuotes and Quasar.

Look for this title toward spring of 2018, available in paperback and collectible, full-color hardcover editions from StarkLight Press.

Check in later this week for excerpts from all these titles!


And the Winners Are…

18 Apr

Here are the winners of our GAF Mainframe short story contest!

Late last year, GAF Mainframe launched a flash fiction contest about alien artifacts. Entrants had to submit a short, short story about any GAF character interacting with any alien artifact.

We had some truly awesome submissions, some of which were published on GAFMainframe.com . From these entries we have chosen a few lucky authors to win our grand prize!

These winning authors will have their flash fiction published in the long-awaited Tales from Space 2, due out later this year.

Our winners are:

Van Fleming for his piece about IUS Agent Aric Drakes

Sharon Flood for Pvt. Susu Frid’s Bastet figurine find

Jenn Spaulding for adding to Pvt. Puff Errington’s backstory

Will Norton for his deep space cowboy adventure

Congratulations to our winners!


Western Short Story Submission

7 Jan

This submission is from Will Norton, whose standalone character Spencer gets everywhere in the Galaxy… in this installment, Spencer tangles with some western-inspired technologies in the middle of his old-fashioned heist scheme gone wrong.


Space Stranded

Will Norton

His space duster shimmered in the starlight.

He thought he had seen movement on the outside of the ship and had suited up to go out and take a peruse.

His ship was now officially a piece of shit. Spencer hadn’t even managed to get the hyperdrive fixed and he was stuck out here until he found some way to come up with the cash for parts. The nubulizer vacuum was shot and there wasn’t any way to fix that.

His own fault. He had been trying to make the HyperDrive go a bit more efficiently. He had really barely been in hyperdrive, more like a slightly manic cruising speed. The nubulizaer vacuum was dark blue and filled with the light of what looked like dozens of stars. It was a beautiful piece of equipment and it slipped from his drunken fingers and smashed on a bolt on the seamed metal floor.

That was it for him. No more HyperDrive and he was stranded in a remote region of the Gamma Quadrant.

His standard equipment was working fine and he had enough dried food to last him for several months, especially all by himself, his engines were fine for cruising around at sub-light speed, but he wouldn’t get anywhere fast. He had set a course for the nearest planet, some mining dump he had never heard of before. The alcohol shortage was his number one concern.

He was worried that when someone finally picked up up his distress beacon signal and rescued him that he’d be sober. That was the last thing he needed.

Spencer had considered blowing the air lock and blasting himself and the contents of the ship into space. He decided to finish off the liquor supply first.

The problem was that the ‘Jump Junker’ wasn’t his ship. He had stolen it and had been on the run ever since. It hadn’t gone well. He had tried to disengage it from the cruise ship where it had originally served as a limo for Berger Bergenbanks.

He had a great plan for the heist and it hadn’t worked out according to plan at all. The surveillance had been wired into the cruise ship’s security system and when he had tried to disengage the system alarms and lights had gone off. The locking mechanism had taken his aging fingers longer than he had planned to disable and the security guards had been up his ass when he fled from the ship’s wake.

He had spent days getting out of range, dodging and hiding and had first noticed that the HyperDrive was due for maintenance and wasn’t functioning anywhere near peak.

“Cheap billionaire bastard,” Spencer muttered under his breath as he checked the console inside his suit for fifteenth time since he had put it on.

He hoped a rescue would come soon, he wanted to be out of his mind drunk when they locked him up.

The atomic gemstone collection that he had been assured by his source would be in the safe in the Jump Junker wasn’t there. He didn’t know if Bergenbanks hadn’t brought it with him, or if he had taken it on the cruise with him or what had happened. He had seen pictures of it, even watched a documentary on them on Holo-8. They would have been his retirement, but now his retirement was going to be handled by the GAGA court as soon as they read the identification number on the distress beacon. It would read hotter than the vodka was on his raw throat.

There hadn’t been any gems atomic or otherwise on the ship that had started off as being well put together and now, a meteor storm and a constant drinking binge later, was a floating scrapheap.

He had put on his space duster, a beautiful piece of equipment that was coloured much like a nebulizer. Dark and looking as though it was covered in magic dust or starlight, it gave protection from the cold of space and was a perfect camo against anything space had to offer. Crawling on the outside of the ship, drunk and convinced that he had seen something out here.
There were closing in on him then. He could hear them.

He could hear the sound of their ships.

But he couldn’t see them. Where had they gone? There wasn’t anywhere to hide out here. He whipped around, there was no one there. He had to get back inside. The nearest planet was still a distant dot, more of brighter star than anything that looked like a aplace people could live. Space was spinning around him…

Space wasn’t spinning, the ship was spinning. He scrambled along to ship’s slick surface to the hatch door, he couldn’t find the hatch door. He was too drunk to handle this. He felt his way along. He thought he was going to be sick.

He knew he was going to be sick.

He opened his eyes briefly to try to settle his stomach and caught a spinning star in his sight. He threw up inside his expensive space duster.

Vomit blocked the view screen. There was a terrifying whistling noise. It was the sound of the air vent being blocked with chunks of the pea soup he had eaten with is lunchtime vodka.

Spencer flailed at the screen frantically with his hands, forgetting that it was sealed from outside ingress. He tried to shake his head and felt an even more terrible thing, the feel of his magnetic boots slipping away from the side of the Jump Junker. He was gently and surely spinning off into space. His air would last him for another ten hours, long enough to sober up, he thought bleakly. He could see enough out of the corner of the screen to think of how much it looked like the nebulizer out there. He thought he was going to be sick again.


Thanks, Will, for your great contribution!


More story submissions coming up later this week!

-Tony Stark.