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Announcing New Galactic Armed Forces Novels!

14 Nov


We’re pleased to announce that not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new GAF novels are coming out in the winter of 2017!!

First, the LONG-awaited sequel to Dalton’s Daughter, the saga of Lieutenant Sasha Wheaton, is set to arrive in December of 2017. In it, you can read about Sasha’s troubled time in Galactic Armed Forces training camp and her eventual exile to the worst company in the Forces- Detach Detachment. Included in this edition are Sasha’s first-hand account of her trysts with transportation magnate Howard Donovan, as well as her encounter with one of the biggest Verily Wrought stalkers in the Galaxy!

Check out GAFmainframe.com all this winter for excerpts and content available only online, including the InQuotes magazine article that first broke the story of the Donovan/Wheaton fling.

Second, by popular demand, we have a novel featuring some of the long and storied history of the oldest android in the Galaxy, Nick Goodfrey. Long attached to the Wrought Family, Nick Goodfrey is the only being who served in both Corporation Wars, and was listed before his disappearance as the most Infamous in the Galaxy.


In The Androsian Question, we find Nick standing before one of the most serious tribunals in the Galaxy, a Hearing-in-Council, defending his creation of a race of beings using prohibited technology. These events take place shortly before his disappearance and feature a young Verily Wrought- and now you can read the story not just from Verily’s childhood remembrances, but from Nick’s own perspective!

This story was chosen from a poll of GAF fans as the number one piece of backstory they would like filled in- read The Androsian Question in January 2018 to find out not just what was behind the Hearing-in-Council, the cure for MVD introduced on Miller’s Planet, but what exactly did happen to Nick Goodfrey… and if he still exists.

Third, we have The Arkellan Treaty,  a collaborative novel set in the GAF present. Captain Verily Wrought of Detach Detachment is sent with his soldiers to the dual planets in the Arkello system to avert an interplanetary war. In this novel we find out more about Galactic singing sensation Consin Arkadie, as well as more about the mysterious cloning guru Patrick Long. With segments contributed by Van Fleming, Will Norton, Leanne Caine, Mandi Millen, Jason Pere and more, this collaborative novel expands characters in the present day GAF timeline like Bev the Indorian, IUS Agent Aric Drakes and Galactic Prime Minister Quetzal Ferguson.


Last but certainly not least, we have a second installment in the history of Nick Goodfrey and Anore Wrought. Tales from Space: the Great Corporation War is an anthology of tales that fills in the nine hundred and fifty year timeline of the First Corporation War. Started by Old Earth corporations like Goodfrey Industries, Sinclair Corp and Hoshido Concern, this abominable millenium-long battle encompassed every quadrant of the Galaxy and nearly resulted in the expulsion of the human race from the Galactic Association of Globes and Asteroids.


Included within are a variety of snapshots of life during the War, including:

  • how Victor Wrought traded Nick Goodfrey to Sinclair Corporation in exchange for his life
  • the making of the Pleiades androids that still inhabit their eponymous star systems today
  • the COMPLETE story of how the infamous “Dancing Robot” incident occurred in deep space, following one of the most bloody battles of the War
  • the eventual return of android Nick Goodfrey to the Wrought family, and the circumstances of the first bioweapon used on the head of a Corporation
  • the real story behind why Nick Goodfrey kidnapped every CEO of each warring Corporation and held them captive on Telamer V

Also included in this fabulous, illustrated anthology are the original images from news articles of the era, as well as magazine excerpts from Galaxy Today, InQuotes and Quasar.

Look for this title toward spring of 2018, available in paperback and collectible, full-color hardcover editions from StarkLight Press.

Check in later this week for excerpts from all these titles!


An Incident in El Noor- Excerpt Part Three

5 Feb

A day in the life of the Leaders of the Galaxy is outlined here in this conclusion of Chapter One of the latest GAF Mainframe novel, An Incident in El Noor. The tensions between military necessity, intelligence acquisition and First Contact play themselves out before Quetzal and Gabrielle, in no way making it easier for them to decide how to proceed… but proceed they must, if the growing instability in the El Noor sector is to be kept from spilling into the rest of the Galaxy.

This conclusion of Chapter One is written by Tony Stark, copyright 2015.


There is always an ulterior motive- be it continued perception of the GAGA as an insurmountable force in the known universe, economic advantage or military gain. It is the duty of the IUS to point out to the President the vast, hitherto untapped cornucopia of alien technology that lies within the SAG-DEB galaxy… a cornucopia of advancement and improvement blocked from our grasp only by a few dissident El Noorian nationals whose minds have been withered by over-exposure to radiations from the Galactic collision.”

Perhaps,” Andrew suggested in careful, meditative tones, “scientists should examine the effect the technology being used by the El Noorians from the alien galaxy may have on natives of our own.” He raised his chin and looked down his long, sloped nose at the President. “Before we acquire said technologies for our own purposes.”

Tobias smiled thinly and leaned back in his chair. He had been expecting Pierce’s overcautious, seemingly reasonable xenophobia. There was a man who had been dealing with alien races for too long, King thought. He has the yips worse than ever.

GAGA and GAF telemetry and scientists, including astrophysicists from your own DFC, Andrew, have gathered reams of data showing the radiation and temporal-spatial deconstruction occurring at the leading edge of the Galactic Collision is more than enough to melt the brain of even the hardiest biological organism.”

And yet we still defer evacuating the El Noorian natives to a safer world far away from the churning maw of destruction,” Pierce remarked.

That’s beautiful, Andrew,” Marlene remarked, typing on her PD. “May I quote that?”

Of course, my dear,” Andrew smiled slightly and continued. “The GAGA keeps them there under a thin pretense of respect for their cultural heritage- a heritage that is only one hundred and twenty years old. We keep them there, allow them to make further and further forays into the confidences, both spatial and psychological, of the SAG-DEB natives, and ignore the fact our first explorers of this new world are effectively learning about smallpox from the blankets they receive- not just from the alien galaxy, but from the GAGA, as well.”

Magnificent!” Marlene cried.

Tobias clapped slowly, appreciatively. His eyes were veiled.

Emil Skoda raised his eyebrows and looked flabbergasted at his desk for a moment.

I can’t imagine that you’d be advocating we just run roughshod over these peoples’ rights, Andrew,” he said at length.

The precedent is there to move them summarily off the world and to a location of their choosing,” Quetzal reminded everyone. “We’ve evacuated other races, natives to planets, not just immigrants to an empty world, with less threat to their biological integrity than what the El Noorians face.”

Gabrielle tossed her hair. “We made that particular decision last year, friends. There’s no point in revisiting it now. The El Noorians were adamant about staying where their prophet Sammarrab put them, and we respected that.”

The fact the IUS already had several imbedded agents able to infiltrate the confidences of the SAG-DEB delegation to the El Noorians-” Andrew began.

Was, of course, a deciding factor in allowing these people to maintain their homeland,” Tobias interrupted. “It’s what we do, Andrew- maintain a hand in the most volatile regions of the Galaxy.” Tobias pushed his spectacles up on his nose. “And what is your suggestion now, now that war is at hand?”

Andrew blinked, took a deep sigh, and stated plainly: “Evacuation followed by a trained team of experts to make First Contact. Experts who will examine the many threats posed to the GAGA by not just alien biology and technology, but an entire alien Galaxy, as well.”

We could gear the public up for a feel-good, humanitarian rescue mission,” Quetzal suggested. “There’s no real reason to upset the apple cart by diving into an inter-GAGA conflict in a Galactic Collision Zone.”

Gabrielle raised her eyebrows and nodded.

Skoda slapped his desk with his hand. “We can’t just evac Hyperships full of crazed El Noorian refugees who have decided that it’s time the entire Galaxy followed their fundamentalist, racist, anti-GAGA claptrap!” He crossed his arms over his chest full of medals. “They’d spread their bullshit everywhere, and instead of one fire to fight on the edge of noplace, we’d all be fighting a peat fire for the rest of the GAGA’s defintely shortened lifespan.”

Gabrielle frowned, and nodded. “That is true,” she noted.

Quetzal turned in his chair to include the President in his view of the proceedings. Gabrielle had started to follow along with points… she was forming a narrative in her own head. This presaged a Decision. Quetzal looked forward to seeing what it might be- because he had absolutely no idea about what to do himself.

I can tell you, Ms. President,” Andrew determinedly said, “that our research shows definitively there are catastrophic health effects incurred by any mid-term exposure to what’s going on in that Galaxy.” He glanced fiercely up at Tobias.

As Mr. King has pointed out.”

Tobias nodded. “I agree that sending in any GAF forces will have a negative effect on public opinion as well as the health of the soldiers, Ms. President. That is why I advocate the following- a holding pattern of informed tension for the public while my agents attempt to diffuse the situation. If we fail, then we can consider a military contingent.”

Andrew snorted, and Emil Skoda piped up.

Oh, oh, just like you idiots diffused the Quilarian uprising, eh?” he asked, staring up at the holo image of Tobias.

King pushed his glasses up his nose and straightened his tie. “The conflict between the Quilarians and the GAF was too severe to be diffused, unfortunately. We did what we could.”

You mean you snuck in and abducted Quilarian children and copied their mothership’s computer database!” Emil shouted. “It was a fucking disaster, King, a disaster we had to clean up! Just so you could breed some Quilarians because they happen to be one giant stem cell.”

Actually, the Quilarian juvenile is more of a plethora of stem cells,” King couldn’t help but correct.

A cornucopia of them,” Andrew offered acerbically.

Yes, exactly,” King couldn’t help but like his old mentor. Damn but he was quick on the draw, King thought, and smiled.

I’m certain that the IUS would not have as its sole mandate the extraction of alien technology and biology,” Gabrielle asserted, looking at the upper left quadrant of the room where the Director of the IUS floated.

No, ma’am,” Tobias assured her. “We would first and foremost be there to diffuse the erroneous El Noorian sentiment against the GAGA, and ideally convince them to evacuate peaceably.”

Well they sure as hell aren’t coming crawling back into the Center of the Galaxy until they’ve all got their De-Nutjobification certificates,” Emil growled. “No peat fires. Period.”

Unfortunately,” Marlene interjected, “I’m not certain we can easily guarantee a re-education of GAGA mores and values in the evacuated populace. The DFC and GAGA MedCommand both seem to indicate that substantial damage has occurred to their biological information interfaces. It will take some recouperative efforts before we can begin to reliably re-indoctrinate the evacuees.”

Gabrielle nodded. “Excellent point,” she remarked.

I say, Nuke ’em,” Emil said. “There’s enough perfectly sane El Noorians in the rest of the GAGA who got the hell outta Dodge when they realized the Galactic collision was more than just pretty pictures in the sky. These people stayed not because they’re stubborn, but because their brains are melted, and now they’re blowing shit up because they’ve been had what brains are left washed up good by an invading alien force!”

Gabrielle nodded. “Provocative presentation of fact.”

What’s the timeline on evacuee rehabilitation?” Quetzal asked somebody.

Our extrapolations indicated eighteen months to three years before the ill effects of the Galactic Collision could be repaired,” Andrew glanced down at some old fashioned papers on his desk. “Assuming of course the effects could be reversed like regular radiation and HyperSpatial overexposure.” He managed to keep his gaze level as he added, “Of course, we haven’t been able to do any serious investigative testing with live cases.”

Gabrielle nodded. “Understandable lack of data,” she said.

Quetzal watched the President. Her remarks were speeding up. Time for a decision.

Gabrielle stood up, walked around to the front of her giant garnet of a desk. “Thank you all for your input,” she told them. “This is our strategy.”

She nodded at Tobias King. “Mr. King, you will send your best agents immediately to El Noor, if they are not already there, and instruct them to defuse the anti-GAGA sentiment as well as the fundamentalist developments in the culture. You will of course try to glean as much information about the technology and biology of the alien SAG-DEB culture as possible. You have four weeks to complete this objective.”

Tobias looked pleased, thinking he had won the day for the IUS until he heard the conclusion of the President’s orders. He opened his mouth to interject, but Gabrielle turned her eyes from him to Emil Skoda, her General.

You, sir, will send in your most photogenic units to the El Noorian sector to lead the evacuation of the GAGA natives to the planet. A secondary task for your troops will be diplomatic liasons, in case the IUS is able to establish basic relations with the aliens of the encroaching galaxy. You will come prepared for peaceful evacuation, but also for war… in the event that the IUS and GAF olive branches fail to quel the El Noorian uprising, we must unfortunately deal decisively with the threat to the peace of the GAGA. If all else fails, General, we will put down the rebellion completely.”

General Skoda’s face flashed a series of different emotions as he acclimatized to the winding directives he had been given. In the end, he understood that war was the final option, and that he had just been given the green light to put an end to this constant attack on his GAF forces. He sat back and smiled smugly. The rest would take care of itself- he was gonna blow shit up.

Marlene,” Gabrielle turned her attention to the GAGAPO chief. “I want you to begin to ease the Galaxy into the inevitability of war, but first play up the peacemakers of the GAF and the high optimism we all have that our own people as well as the aliens in the SAG-DEB galaxy will see reason and join us on our grand, Galactic adventure.”

Marlene typed furiously. “Understood, Ms. President.”

Gabrielle looked up finally at Andrew Pierce from the Department of First Contact.

Andrew, I know that you disapproved of the trajectory of the El Noorian natives from the start, and that we have perhaps underutilized the DFC as a resource in this obvious example of extra-terrestrial encounter.”

Andrew nodded, his long features remarkably soft. Whatever he may think of the decision, he understood the many particular hurdles the President of the Universe had to navigate in such a situation. He knew he was at one end of a spectrum of equally valid perspectives. In a Galaxy based off of enjoyment, comfort, consumption and quietude, prudent scientific discovery for its own sake was a very limited spectrum to possess.

I offer the DFC now an opportunity to accompany the first GAF forces to El Noor. You may deploy your team of exo-investigators before that point where the GAF attempts diplomacy and/ or military intervention of any kind. The IUS will try its hand while your people travel, but you may, if you wish, send your team in to gather the data on the alien galaxy first hand.”

Both Andrew and Tobias raised their eyebrows. A fit of fidgeting ensued from the head of the IUS, while Andrew leaned back again in his chair.

It was a remarkable gift, Andrew thought, for an old, largely forgotten agency. But even though it be a spinster, don’t just accept gifts out of hand. This opportunity comes at a grave cost, he warned himself, one that must be examined at length in privacy.

Out loud, Pierce said, “Thank you, Ms. President. I will take the matter up with my staff, and get back to you in the morning.”

Quetzal rose from his magnificent desk and clapped his hands together. He smiled broadly.

Well, that’s about it, then,” he announced. “Everybody got it? Spy, then fly, then pry, then peace, then fry. And try to look regretful about all the coming bloodshed all the while.”

The four briefing guests shifted in their seats as they took in the Prime Minister’s summation.

Good? Good. We’ll all meet up back here in Friday to see how it’s going,” Quetzal concluded. “Have a brilliant day!”

Nodding, Andrew Pierce waved his hand and his corner of the display darkened. Marlene did the same, leaving just Tobias King and the GAF General.

I don’t understand why we have to go through all this rigamarole of prepping the populace for conflict,” Skoda muttered, more to himself than to the dignitaries present. He was jotting notes on his PD and avidly clicking his summons roster on his desk. “This whole process would be much simpler if we just kept people ready to put down this kind of conflict in the GAGA at any time.”

But then we’d be leading a totally different universe, General,” Quetzal told him before he blacked out the remaining screens. “And none of us would want that, now- would we?”

An Incident in El Noor- Excerpt Part Two

2 Feb

In this second excerpt from An Incident in El Noor, the Prime Minister and President take on four of the most influential department heads of over the volatile El Noor question. As it turns out, there are four different views on how to handle an alien galaxy colliding with the GAGA’s very own…

Tune in later this week for the final installment of the briefing that sends Verily Wrought into the Galaxy’s most dangerous war zone- chapter one of the latest GAF Mainframe novel, written by Tony Stark, copyright 2015.


The giant holoscreen changed to a countdown. “Briefing will commence in five, four…”

“Shite,” Quetzal murmured. “Could be anyone. I hope it’s not that creepy IUS chief.”

“Probably will be,” the President murmured.

Quetzal looked down at the holodisplay on his PD. “Looks like three guests via holo today,” he advised the President. They exchanged a hollow-eyed look. “That’s not good,” he added.

Gabrielle shook her head. “It must be getting worse,” she whispered. “And fast, too.”

A giant explosion rocked the Awareness Room. Both dignitaries jumped in their seats.  The President gave out a small shriek. The Prime Minister let out a spirited curse.

“Timestamp, -minus 3 hours Telamer V time. Location, Morocco III. El Noorian terrorists detonate a chemical battery storage yard in North Casablanca. Fifty-seven killed, three hundred twelve injured. GAF losses: thirty eight. GAF casualties: one hundred and ninety nine. GAF assets destroyed: Twelve million, three hundred twenty two credits of equipment and supplies.”

Quetzal watched footage from a hover-drone as it circled the decimated yard. Over the past year, rebels from the El Noor Sector had targeted GAF assets in the entire quadrant. There had even been an attempt on the President’s life when she attended the Quadrant conference last month. Events like the carnage floating in front of Quetzal’s face had become commonplace in the Galaxy. Never the most peaceful place, the El Noorian rebels had set the entire Galaxy on edge. Racial and inter-species tensions had never been so high- not since humans had inherited the entire mess from the Telamer, anyway.

“This latest attack marks the six hundred thirtieth consecutive day of aggression by the El Noorian rebels. Demands made following the Morocco III explosion included the immediate withdrawal of all GAF forces in the El Noor sector and the complete capitulation of the GAGA to the SAG-DEB/El Noorian alliance,” the computerized voice narrated smoothly.

Quetzal slouched further in his seat and mouthed the words. Six hundred thirty days of demands, and it was all the same. Whoever, whatever these forces from the neighboring galaxy were, they were utterly powermad and totally barmy. Why they thought that an alliance of one single system’s most unstable members with a small population of extra-galactic citizens could bring the rest of the Milky Way to its knees was a terrifying giblet of insanity whose motives were  inscrutable to the Prime Minister of the Galaxy.

“In response, GAF forces have deployed double security units to each energy facility in Gamma Quadrant. This makes the energy sector the latest area of increased GAF presence- matching the transportation networks, HyperSpace lanes, manufacturing sector and GAGA Protected Relic areas in military protection.”

“So, pretty much everything,” Quetzal muttered.

From across the room, Gabrielle nodded ruefully. A productive Galaxy was a Galaxy that spent its credits freely across sectors. This could not happen if everything was under increased security pressure- let alone the lockdown state the El Noorians wanted to force her to create.

“At this point, surveys and Wroughtveillance indicate that GAGA citizens are generally accepting of the increased security presence across the Association,” the computer continued. “Eighty-five percent of feedback is positive, with ninety-one percent empathy favorable percentile amongst monitored conversations and media.”

Charts, graphs and telemetry flashed across the giant holo in day-glo colors. All the arrows and bars were pointing to the sky.

Quetzal raised an eyebrow. The telemetry was up from last week. Their media campaign and increased subliminals must be working to convince the populace of the necessity of these security-based evils.

“As of -15 minutes Telamer V time,” the computer continued, “GAF and local government forces have aborted two hundred and sixty seven Aggressive Actions in Progress, with twelve more AAIPs being monitored by the IUS as of this briefing. It is unknown at present which of these AAIPs may be suitable for further media presentation.”

The screen changed to a live-cam version of the corner of the Galaxy in question. The El Noor sector was jammed up against the neighboring Sag-DEB galaxy, as it had been since the first time humans were able to espy this area from Old Earth.  The collision was increasing its intensity as the centuries passed, and the mingling of the two galactic membranes looked like a livid bruise crafted out of blood and tempera paint against the blackness of the Universe.

Every time Quetzal saw pictures of the El Noor sector, his stomach lurched. There was something vile and penetrative about the encroachment of one galaxy on another, and from the angle of the footage, he could not help but think that this alien galaxy was the fearfully aggressive party.

“Today, IUS intelligence on El Noor, the main planet in the sector, report increased troop movement and asset re-allocation toward the western edge of the continent. Although footage is spotty due to latent electromagnetic interference, it is clear that El Noorian/SAGDEB forces have moved another two hundred kilometres closer to the GAF bases on El Noor.”

Surveillance footage from satellite showed dust clouds trailing eastward from a massive movement of dark objects on the desert sands of El Noor. Grainy, choppy, badly cut footage from agents on the ground showed images of the tanks and alien technology offered by the SAG-DEB residents to the El Noorians. The vehicles and weapons were being piled on hover transports in disparate fashion and moved out of the mud-brick walls of cities.

Quetzal had to look away from the raw footage. It was so much larger than life that its harried quality made him motion sick. He watched its reflection in the obsidian desk instead as the computer continued.

“Although no aggression has occurred, this is the single largest mobilization of troops and technology on El Noor since the preamble to the First El Noor conflict of 3488.”

The screen finished flashing images of the various AAIPs aborted across the Galaxy and returned to a paired logo of the GAF and GAGA.

“Today’s inter-agency briefing is designed to provide guidance to various GAGA agencies and the GAF regarding GAGA policy toward the following three points,” the computer continued.

In front of the two leaders, a holo display popped up. Bulleted points began to appear under the heading of ‘Today’s Briefing Objectives’.

“One- the establishment of a cohesive, multi-agency response to the troop mobilization in El Noor sector, with a focus on long-term strategic and media concerns.”

“Here we go,” Quetzal murmured.

Gabrielle nodded. “No peace for us,” she agreed.

“Two- the refinement of public media coverage and policy amongst GAGA agencies, with the drafting of an official, unified reaction to continued terrorist action.”

“Three- the final determination of an operating strategy regarding GAGA agencies toward the extragalactic SAG-DEB organisms and Galaxy, with appropriate media, GAGA and intelligence layers.”

Quetzal’s eyebrows raised. “Oh, so we’re just going to figure out what to do about the alien technology, culture and assets of an entire Galaxy. This morning.”

Gabrielle smiled ruefully. “You ate your Wheaties, I trust.”

Quetzal nodded. “In malt liquor form, yes.”

“Connecting to Agency Heads on Secure Frequencies,” a much more computerized voice announced. The screen at the far end of the room blinked and split itself into four. A different logo spun at a different rate in each quadrant. The effect was, in its way, as dizzying as the HeadCam footage from the IUS.

Quetzal watched the logo of the self-same agency spin in reflection on his desk. Beside it, the Department of First Contact’s logo, much less imposing and more upliftingly scientific, soothed the eye with its multi-species hands shaking against a classically NASA-oriented backdrop of stars. Beneath, the GAF HQ logo and the GAGA Press Office waited patiently for their respective heads to signal they were ready to join the conversation.

“Link established in four, three, two, one-”

The four screens lit up with giant holo versions of the Department Heads.

“Good morning, gentlemen and lady,” Gabrielle greeted the apparitions with a charming smile. Quetzal mirrored a quick greeting, flashing his own rogueish grin.

“Good morning,” four voices echoed.

“Who wants to go first this morning?” the President of the Universe asked. “I see we have some serious decisions to make today.”

The Chief of the GAGA Press Office interrupted the head of the IUS. Each monitor was arranged in the same orientation, so the IUS head glared down at his lower left while Marlene Schmidtt began.

“Before we begin in earnest,” she said in clipped German tones, “I would just like to remind the agencies involved that for nearly two years now, the growing conflict between El Noor and the GAGA has been managed almost entirely by the Press Office. Our mandate up until now has been to quell clamor for war, and to slowly but determinedly convince the citizenry that the GAF can handle easily any conflict that may arise. That whatever comes, it will not be a full-out war like the First El Noorian conflict of last century.”

Gabrielle nodded. She was fully behind this policy of anti-war, anti-fear yielding increased economic benefits through citizens’ emotional comfort testing high. She and Marlene were of like minds on many matters, and the President approved of the Press Chief’s tactics in guiding public sentiment.

General Emil Skoda, head of the Galactic Armed Forces, snorted ruefully and rolled his pale blue eyes with withering effect. The lower right corner of the Awareness Room screen was his, and was also home to the opposing viewpoint to the GAGAPO.

“If we determine today that an all out war or unavoidably public conflict is inevitable,” Marlene continued smoothly, “I need to remind everyone that the Press Office requires ninety Galactic days to satisfactorially one-eighty public opinion to acceptable levels. We also require at least three weeks to begin to instill completely different meme threads into the population.”

“It takes ninety-six hours to begin new idea memes, correct?” Quetzal asked.

Marlene nodded. “Correct, sir. A striking new development in the El Noor conflict story, such as military intervention, peacekeeping or unilateral strikes would take four Galactic days of sentiment softening before the actual event would be acceptably delivered.”

“So we need to kill at least four days of time before we announce any changes, and those changes need to be along a continuum of our existing narrative,” the Prime Minister clarified. It was his aim to minimize bickering amongst the polarized units in front of him today, and to ensure that the President’s driving ethos was maintained as largely as possible.

“Correct, sir,” Marlene replied.

“May I point out,” General Skoda boomed in irritated tones, “that, if we had been softening public sentiment toward war and conflict in general that we could move on these bastards within three weeks?”

“I believe, Emil,” said Andrew Pierce, head of the Department of First Contact, “that it will take over four weeks to deploy and move out the closest GAF units for reinforcement in El Noor. That would be plenty of time to slowly start to turn public opinion to a conflict there. By the time we amassed troop presence in El Noor, we could deliver a fabulous blitzkrieg of a war on the evening holos.”

“That was the logic behind the Center Theory, General,” Gabrielle reminded her military commander. The Center Theory had been Gabrielle’s leading innovation to GAGA policy- and the platform point that won her the support of the aging Telamer race.

Center Theory boiled down to the fact that over 80 percent of the Galaxy’s population lived within three weeks’ HyperSpace flight of GAF HQ. This meant that the bulk of conflicts could be

Center Theory took into account the time frame required to direct public sentiment toward accepting a conflict as well as the fact that over 85 percent of the Galaxy’s population lived in peace within the required three week window of public opinion softening. Gabrielle had successfully advocated for a pacifist baseline for Galactic Media subliminalization, wagering that the bulk of conflicts that would appear in the GAGA would be outside the three week radius for GAF deployment.

General Skoda winced at yet another successful application of President Gabrielle’s theory. His only retort being that taking worse care of the Galaxy was the only means of justifying his belief in constant threat preparedness made him shut his mouth with an audible snap that echoed around the Awareness Room.

From the diagonal corner, Andrew Pierce raised a white, arched eyebrow at the sound. He barely supressed a smug look.

“Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Schmidt,” the head of the GAGA’s intelligence and counter-threat unit said in even tones. Tobias King was a man on indeterminate middle age with thick glasses and a strangely alien look to his countenance, despite the fact that he was Old Earth born and bred. He had once been a student of Andrew Pierce’s, and the two had a strangely stilted distance between them that could only come from a protege taking up the torch of the master’s enemies.

“Back to the matter at hand, Ms. President,” King continued in a voice that was remarkably reedy and tinged with a New England accent, “the IUS has more than enough live evidence to warrant an organized offensive against the El Noorian/SAG-DEB rebellion. We all know that this is the thrust of this briefing.”

“Damn straight it is,” Skoda growled.

Pierce straightened his long neck and blinked his large eyes as though he had swallowed something that stuck in his throat, but said nothing.

“I might suggest that, as it will take a not insubstantial amount of resources and effort to swing the public to a supportive position for such a conflict, as well as a massive amount of resources to mobilize the GAF to such a remote region, we consider an alternative plan.”

“An alternative plan with alterior motives,” Pierce said evenly.

“Of course, Andrew,” King said, not entirely unkindly. His manner would have been completely compassionate if it had not been for the greedy gleam of covetous acquisition that burned in the back of his eyes like a coal.

That there, Quetzal thought to himself, is why Toby doesn’t have more friends in these parts.

Dukh Project

13 Jan


Also known as The Spiriters, The Dukes of Doom

All of the aforementioned are pop culture references to an above top secret group said to abduct and study citizens of the GAGA who are subject to extreme psi-oriented alterations to their genetic code.

It has been long recognized on resource or toxin-heavy planets (like Sasha Wheaton’s homeworld of Dalton) that the pollutants cause mutation in the genetic stock of the inhabitants. Most of the alterations to the inhabitants are prohibitive to life. However, some are born with psionic, psychic and telekinetic abilities, as well as physical qualities, that are regarded as evolutions. When these beings are recognized by the beaureaucratic engines of the GAGA, they are often removed from their homes and spirited away by unmarked military personnel.

Tales of these Spiriters spread amongst the row houses, through transport chains and into the galactic consciousness. The urban legends vary considerably from planet to planet in the GAGA, but the general consensus is that the Spiriters remove the residents to a centralized location where they run horrible, invasive experiments on them to try to unlock and understand their psychic abilities.

Although there is absolutely no official record of the Spiriters in GAGA or GAF documentation, conspiracy researchers have found reference to something called The Dukh Project- named for the Old Earth Russian word, Spirit. As the historic Communist regime in Russia conducted in depth experimenteation on their own psychic populace, and was known to allow pollution to mutate their populace in order to examine its effects on their genes, the connection was made between this nearly unknown Project and the well-documented Spiriters.

The Russian word for Spirit’s similarity to the Old Earth aristocratic term, Duke, has resulted in slang designations of Dukes or Dukes of Doom for the people who take the altered citizens away. This catchy term has cemented the Spirters of the Dukh Project into the pop culture consciousness of the GAGA. Several songs, including one by Sinniq B, feature imagery from this phenomenon. A series of three movies featuring elements of the story was first a horror franchise, then a children’s cartoon series, named The Dukes of Doom. While popular in the Alpha Quadrant, it is prohibited for airplay in the more resource heavy Gamma Quadrant.

As to actual facts related to the Dukh Project, it is rumored that it is supervised ultimately by the President of the Universe, Gabrielle. The President has disavowed any knowledge of the project apart from the pop culture franchise and its associated legends. An intrepid researched known as Q.T. Langley uncovered a Telamer memo to the GAGA Executive Branch with the words Dukh Project contained in it, leading to wild supposition that the aging Telamer race is using its adopted human inheritors as guinea pigs to develop… something. What that something is, however, is open to as much speculation as the dubious existence of the Dukh Project itself.

-Tony Stark.

Andrew Pierce

9 Dec

The head of the Department of First Contact (DFC), and Old Earth organization. This holdover from the days when Earth was a separate entity from the rest of the galaxy was created by a group of North American scientists prior to first contact by the Telamer. Andrew Pierce currently runs the organization with a quiet and unassuming dedication to predicting with uncanny accuracy when and where the next GAGA contacts with alien races will occur. Pierce uses the resources of the DFC to map the galaxy with an eye not toward resource utilization but towards the exo-bestiary. He also quietly and deftly utilizes the remarkable sweeping powers of this organization to augment theeffectiveness of his scientists in first contact situations without drawing attention to the fact the DFC is one of the only groups with the power to quarantine even GAGA Parliament Planet or GAF HQ.

Andrew Pierce’s sometimes ruthless tactical decisions have always proven beneficial to the GAGA, its economic interests and its citizens as well as ultimately serving to amalgamate new species into the galactic melange. As a result, the GAGA has allowed the DFC, and Pierce as its head, to continue its quiet but effective operations to this day. A master of subtlety, Pierce is able to insert his teams of investigators into any of the GAGA organizations that issue identification, a tactic he uses to obscure their presence in active zones. Pierce has a son, Blake, who is also an agent at the Department of First Contact, though it is rarely known the two are related during active missions. Only a certain antagonism between the two gives away their kinship.

A Canadian citizen, Pierce started out life as a surgeon who was conscripted by the GAGA to a mobile hospital unit during the second Korung conflict in the Gamma quadrant. Having distinguished himself in the trenches of the surgical unit as a dedicated and quick-witted scientist and experimentor, he was referred to the DFC by the Canadian government to advance its knowledge of the hybrid species the Korung. A quiet and insatiable scholar, Pierce never left the DFC but stayed in its ranks, developing first contact protcols and eventually heading his own teams of scientists.

Upon the death its previous chief, the scientists at the DFC nominated Pierce as its new head. Pierce has been working since to expand the laboratories, libraries and databanks of the DFC by quietly soliciting donations, government funding and selling patent-portions belonging to the DFC judiciously.

Department of First Contact (DFC)

8 Dec

An antiquated agency, centered at Vancouver Island, Old Earth, whose original mandate from the UN has never been recalled. It was first made as an intelligence and logistics division of the CIA/NSA complex, to gather scientific data and develop tactics for coping with the sudden influx of alien cultures and races which began to visit and trade with Earth. The DFC was a Canadian invention started by a group of American and Canadian scientists, doctors, astronomers and exo-biologists whose weekend speculations turned into the most accurate body of information on human /alien interaction extant.

The DFC, while largely overlooked by private GAGA companies and most of the government itself, is still a remarkably spry and potent organization with sweeping powers to detain, insert itself into other organizations and control traffic routes and quarantines. Its interest is solely in new species and their interactions with the rest of the GAGA. Most of the research on exo-immunology still comes from this organization, as well as important information on linguistics, exo-sociology and diplomacy.
Wherever first contact is suspected or occurs, the DFC will be certain to be there with a small but gifted team of scientists headed by the organization’s leader, Andrew Pierce.

Galactic Armed Forces Starship Classes and Classification System

1 Dec

“Having the classes of ships explained to me was a blur until I was actually taken into orbit and saw them in the shipyard. I had absolutely no reality on the size of them- even the smallest were monsters when seen in a fleet!
The SpaceCruisers, described as ‘instant war’ ,were too big to take in even when confronted with them. They were the size of large asteroids or small planets and they were armed to the teeth with weaponry. They even had dozens of lesser ships jammed into them and prepared for deployment. They could take down a rebellion within the GAGA with ease. Even in the fearsome El Noor galaxy, it seemed like we could not lose when I saw the size of the Easty-Westy shipyard. This was only one, mid-size shipyard belonging to my new employers. Scattered alongside the military monstrosities there were hundreds of thousands of private ships in a range of sizes as well. I felt awed and terrified to be a part of this galactic war machine we called the GAF.” 
-Dalton’s Daughter
Virginia Carraway Stark

 List of Ships, Classes and Sub-Classes, in the Galactic Armed Forces

Taken from GAF HQ Records
Compiled by Anthony Stark, with Technical Assistance from Jorge Stuart

Interplanetary/stellar craft are divided into two main categories in the GAGA:

a) Commissioned Ships, whose role is solely that of galactic defense, being owned by the Galactic Armed Forces, its authorised agents etc. Commissioned ships are forbidden from transporting commercial goods for profit as well as private citizens on non-GAGA related business.


b) Non-Commissioned Ships, whose roles are primarily that of population and product movement, as well as protection of these ships, the assets contained within, and the routes traveled by these ships. Whereas Commissioned Ships are limited in their scope to military and peacekeeping duties, Non-Commissioned Ships may be enlisted for military service at any time by a GAGA Council general order.

Within the list of Commissioned Ships, there are 8 different models:

1) SpaceCarrier– analagous to our Aircraft Carriers, SpaceCarriers are interstellar cities of war. Inside them, they carry several of the other models of ships in varying combinations. SpaceCarrier engineers can refit an internal dock to accommodate a vast array of different sets of ships, so as to refine the deployment of GAF assets and forces for any given situation.

On board, SpaceCarriers are filled with up to tens of thousands of soldiers, support staff, engineers, scientists, and other personnel. Their accommodations are spartan but comfortable, with the majority of interior space utilized for weaponry, engines, battery storage and attack force deployable ships. SpaceCarriers are designed for space travel only and are unable to land on or enter into planetary orbit. The nature of their high-powered, highly responsive engines rend deep holes and tears in iono- and tropospheres of planets and asteroids. As such, all deep space vessels are prohibited from entering high atmosphere orbits by the GAGA- even in war.

As these ships are designed for deployment and defense along the x,y and z axes, they look more like a three dimensional version of their nautical forebears than a Galaxy class starship from Star Trek. There is very little pleasing to the eye about them, save for a certain grim, industrialized beauty of an immense artificial creation humming about its duties at full power. They have up to two dozen access ports and deployment arenas, and are capable of extending three arms of mobile hatches where up to forty-eight Jump Jets designed for inter-border combat may be deployed at once.

Shields are extensive and extend to the near orbit of the SpaceCarrier, giving Jump Jets and other ships up to ten seconds of protection before they enter the fray. Weapons on the SpaceCarrier are designed almost exclusively for Conventional Space combat, and consist of lazer cannons, conventional ordnance, ion bombs and blasters, and electromagnetic burst resounder (EMBR) beams. SpaceCarriers, when dropped out of orbit, usually deploy a few Battle Cruisers and rely upon their specialized HyperSpace monitoring equipment to protect the area from Hypermarines and other HyperSpace weapons and ordnance.

The sight of several of the GAF’s SpaceCarriers popping out of Hyperdrive and into orbit around a planet is an intimidating one indeed- and often quenches the fires of war before a single Battle Cruiser is deployed.

2) Trans-Atmospheric Assault Ships or TAA ships: These ships, usually stocked in complimentary fashion and deployed in pairs, are the largest and most heavily laden of the GAF’s invasionary assault ships. They are crassly referred to as TAA TAAs by GAF soldiers, as their arcaded, saucer like engineering is designed for non-invasive entry into nearly all planetary atmospheres and give the twin ships an evocative appearance.

Onboard these ships, a variety of different assets may be deployed.  Up to four batallions of soldiers in amphibious deployment vehicles suitable for any terrain including submarine, volcanic, arctic or chemical may be sent out. Tanks, transports, hovercarriers, weapons, ordnance and other supplies of war are contained within, pre-packaged and ready for easy assembly. A TAA ship can turn an empty plain into a fully-functioning GAF base housing up to four thousand soldiers within three hours. TAA ships also carry a fully stocked array of interstellar and sub-atmospheric weaponry that can destroy Jump Jets, saucers, EM cloaked ships and more. They carry Sub Ether communication disruptors as well as broadcast communication overrides. A pair of ships carry between them enough men, machinery, weapons and support staff to overtake an area the size of Washington state.

These ships are the first sign of a GAF landing force, as they set up the infrastructure needed on the ground by Command HQ. Their appearance in the skies is universally regarded as “a sign that It is shortly about to hit the fan”- Wodin Whatthehel.

3)Invasionary Deployment Ships or I.Ds: Along with the TAA TAAs, the deployment of IDs is generally a sign that a planet is about to feel the full force of GAF fury. Ids are streamlined transport vehicles that drop out of interplanetary orbit from SpaceCarriers and into the atmosphere.  They deploy up to ninety nine Jump Jets each, which are fully loaded and ready for battle. Conditions onboard are cramped for the pilots and support staff, and it is a particular sort of limbo when an ID is kept in holding during sudden interplanetary negotiations. Jump Jets are hung in interlocking pattern, their particular lower shielding coatings on top and bottom forming an Escher-like mosaic of dizzying proportions. Pilots are held in their Jump harnesses, suspended by their plane’s left wing, and are moved into the cockpits remotely by a control panel on the bridge of the ID. Once the first call for deployment onboard the SpaceCarrier is made, Pilots hang in harness until deployed- making for a very long and uncomfortable suspension in many cases. This system has been proven to be the fastest in deploying Jump Jets, with ninety-nine ships deployable in under twelve seconds by this eternal readiness method. ID ships have atmospheric shielding that protects them from all but a direct blast from EMBR cannon. This shield extends for three seconds flight time beyond the ship.

4) Landing Attack Deployment Ships LADs or LADDies: These inter-atmosphere deployment ships are designed for deploying ground attack forces with supplementary equipment. They are heavy ships packed to the gills with personnel and machinery. Even engines have been largely scaled back, and only basic navigational equipment and atmospheric shielding is included. These ships are dropped out of SpaceCarriers when the battle on the surface heats up. LADDies use gravitational inertia to largely ‘drop to their target, breaking with thrusters and gently landing onsite’- or so says the Wrought Industries Manual on LADs.

In reality, the targeting programming varies with ordnance and interference in the atmosphere of battle and actual landing sites can vary by up to twelve to fifteen km. Landing thrusters can easily become clogged and inefficient with smoke and debris, leaving the soldiers and equipment inside to hit the ground ignominiously.
A single LAD can increase GAF force size by two battalions complete with armament and transport vehicles. These octagonal shaped discs open at all eight ends allowing the military assets to pour out and onto the battlefield… or close to it.

5) Hypermarines: These vehicles are shaped similar to aquatic submarines, and much like their Old Earth counterparts, Hypermarines spend most of their time invisible to conventional ships. These ships bend HyperSpace around themselves with their innovative Ionic Screw engines. As a result, they are able to move under the carpet of Conventional Space-Time, independent of the Hyperdrive Shipping Lanes approved of and used by most ships.

Hypermarines are powered by the Ionic Screw drive, created by Dr. David Weir, and Australian physicist who lived in the early days of human interaction with the Telamer. His creation is a controversial device that, while it provides unrestricted access to the between area of space, causes flux in both space-time and human organisms using the device. Constant exposure to the torsion flux quotient or Tor of this drive causes cellular instability, mental degradation and illness, as well as sudden fits of illness. These symptoms are very similar to those caused by exposure to several sources of radiation, and it has not been fully investigated whether the Ionic Screw Drive is responsible for the health effects or the radiation that arbitrarily proliferates the HyperSpace dimensions.

As a result, soldiers are assessed for resistance to these effects before and during their tours onboard Hypermarines. Although some individuals are resistant to these problems, most are not- the resistant individuals usually wind up spending most of their careers onboard Hypermarines as a result of the dearth of experienced officers and crew.

Hypermarines cruise throughout interspace and perform various functions of reconaissance, ordnance deployment and aggression deterrence. They are very similar to Naval Submarines in design and operation, with very cramped quarters and space to minimize the intensity of the Ionic Screw Drive field required for the vehicle. Hypermarines are equipped with highly sensitive hearing devices and hyperradar which allows them to spot Hyperdrive shipping lanes, black bodies that protrude into Hyperspace and Between objects- mysterious creatures, asteroids and other objects native to this largely unexplored section of the universe.

Hypermarines are also chiefly research vessels that are constantly collecting data about the eternally changing landscape of Hyperspace. As one of the most famous Hypermarine officers, V. Borodin,  has said, “Hyperspace is the eternal Wonderland- with the mysterious Red Queen lurking around every rise and undulation, waiting to chop off the vessel’s head.”

Hypermarines are susceptible to certain wavefront blasts from Conventional space weapons, causing them to rock in the ripples of the explosion, losing their sensor equipment and occasionally engine thrust. This results in them being trapped in HyperSpace until such time as their engines become operative again.

These interesting vessels are able to deploy conventional weaponry as well as Hyperordnance, which can cause everything from massive explosions to time dilations, condensing and skips in Conventional space-time.  Their ordnance deployment can single-handedly change the course of  a space battle. As a result, the construction of Hypermarines is strictly controlled by the GAGA. Subversive groups outside the GAGA are able to clandestinely construct these space vehicles on occasion, or buy and cobble together Hypermarines from parts from junkyards. For these reasons, Battle Cruisers are an essential part of any GAF deployment in deep space or near planetary conflict.

6)  Battle Cruisers: These deep space ships of classic naval design are the backbone of GAF space defense. They are the only vessels most heavily and specifically equipped with Hyperspace sweeping sensors and Interspace ordnance which can disable Hypermarines from Conventional space as well as destroy them inside Hyperspace. Up to sixteen Battle Cruisers can be transported inside a SpaceCarrier for instantaneous deployment at the site of battle. The rule of fours usually applies to BattleCruiser deployment: four protect a SpaceCarrier from Hyperspatial attack, four travel with Atmospheric Deployment forces to the edge of the Ionosphere, four range beyond the site of active deployment to check for incoming threats and four are left in support positions, easily able to move to any of the other three sites of Cruiser conflict to give weapons or recon support.

Battle Cruisers are equipped to the gills with Hyperspace and Conventional space weapons as well as reconnaissance equipment tuned to both arenas. Their shields are comparable to those of SpaceCruisers. BattleCruisers are relatively slow moving, non-Hyperdrive vehicles, but once onsite, they can double their shields’ radius to protect Jump Jets, Destroyers, LADs, ID s and other vehicles for up to half an hour.

Their crews are dedicated career soldiers who spend their lives learning the constantly updating equipment, software and ordnance onboard their ships. BattleCruisers and their crews are the heroes of deep space battle, and the loss of a Cruiser is both a rarity and cause for deep mourning in the GAF.

7) Destroyers: These ships are weapons-heavy, relatively fast moving ships slightly smaller than BattleCruisers. Up to ten of them can be stored on board a SpaceCarrier. Destroyers are armed to the teeth with various ordnances including EMBR guns, EM weapons, lazer and ion cannons, spacemines both camoflauged and plain, nuclear and conventional explosives. Their gunners are placed at hexagonal Ordnance Dispersal Points along their hulls, maximizing effective firing area while limiting the ship’s target surface. Destroyers can eradicate Jump Jets, space fighters and smaller combat and troop vehicles with relative ease.

Destroyers, like SpaceCarriers, Battle Cruisers and Hypermarines, are limited to deep space and extra-atmospheric activities.

8) Ionospheric Combat Vehicles: These specialized craft are specifically designed to accompany LADs, ID s and other intra-atmospheric craft in asset deployment. Their specialized engines function with relative efficiency in both the outer and inner atmosphere as well as in space. They are the sole protection for craft in the area between deployment from the SpaceCarrier to the inner atmosphere where Jump Jets with their planetary engine dampeners take over defense duties. Ionospheric Combat Vehicles are generally deployed along with the first ships out of the SpaceCarrier. ICVs sit in strategic areas of the upper atmospheric borderland. Here they remain cloaked, lying in wait to fire upon Jump Jets and other inter-planetary craft, missiles and other threats to GAF forces.

b) Non-Commissioned Ship Classes:

1) Frigates: a name maintained from old Naval terminology, GAGA frigates fulfill the same function as their old Naval counterparts. They form a protective force for commercial and private craft analagous to the function of GAF Destroyers. Frigates are similar in construction and are provided a more well-rounded collection of reconnaissance equipment in addition to their array of Hyper and Conventional weapons.

Frigates are the backbone of the GAF Merchant Service.

2) Hyperspace Ordnance Sweepers or HOS, HOSs: these vehicles are analagous to Naval Minesweepers. They are detection ships designed to sweep civilian trade routes for pirates, Hypermarines and other dangers to transport and personnel carriers.

HOSs are technically GAF Commissioned Ships. Howers these vessels are soft-commissioned with simple mandates to protect trade routes from pirates, giving their commanders and crew nearly carte blanche to travel sectors keeping commercial interests safe. They are self-directed unless conflict breaks out in their area, at which time they are called up by the GAF to serve.

HOSs are easily able to sweep Hyper and Conventional space for dummy meteors, black body ordnance, Hypermarine shields and engine signatures as well as other threats to the safe, daily operation of commercial trade in the GAGA.

3) Patrol Boats or PT, PT boats: These ships are routinely named for Stellar phenomena, such as Nova, Flare, Corona, Sunspot etc followed by a commercial call number. PT boats patrol regular space only, looking for pirate craft and traditional threats like travelling space storms, meteor showers etc. PT boats have singular sub-ether communication radios that report a constant stream of scientific and reconnaissance data directly to GAF HQ via a deadman connection. This is a particularity in civilian ship traffic radio communication.  Loss of a PT signal results in instant deployment of HOS and Destroyer to the area.

In addition to these two main classes, GAGA space vehicles have a ratings classification system, the A-F Grade system, which is as follows:

A+: this is a mint condition ship made at a GAF approved facility with GAF approved materials, plans and engineers. The cream of any crop of ship, A+ vessels use cutting edge technology and engineering to create the deadliest, safest, most effective ships in the galaxy.

A: these ships have seen either 1000 hours flight time or at least two skirmishes with subsequent passing re-inspections.

B+: made off the line at a GAF approved facility etc to slightly lower standards of materials and technology. A beautiful ship more accessible to planetary defense budgets non-subsidised by the GAF directly. B class standards are a completely different standard than A class, slightly lower but still highly flyable.

B: These are Class A ships that have seen more than 15 years service. Even if never involved in an inspection-required incident, all class A ships lower their rating after this point unless they receive a complete, GAF approved refit.

B-: These ships were made as B+ Class more than 15 years ago and have declined a GAF approved refit.

C+: Made off the line at a GAF approved facility etc to Class C standards. Serviceable, dependable ships. The Mercury of the shipping world. Neither the best quality of materials or technology is utilized, but the resulting ship is still good and useful.

C: This class is a B+ ship more than 15 years old which declines a GAF approved refit.

C-: This class is a C+ class ship more than 15 years old which has declined refit.

D+: These ships are made by non GAF-approved facilities, engineers, materials and companies. Their quality, construction and durability can vary by batch and company, sometimes considerably.

There was once a soft catergory, D, which was a D+ ship that had been inspected and refitted by a non-GAF agency. Due to amazing corruption and accidents, this grade was made illegal by GAGA Order 214-A and all D grade ships were required to be refitted to GAF inspection standards or junked.

D-: These are D+ ships more than 15 years old that decline GAF inspection and the refitting such an inspection requires.

E-: Class A+ ship 45+ years old, declining refitting;
Class B+ ship 30+ years old, declining refitting;
Class C+ ship 15+ years old, declining refitting.

F+: This class is made completely by non-verified or sanctioned facilities, engineers etc from junked parts and write-off parts. Some of these ships can be very good and durable, but on the other hand, some explode spontaneously. It all comes down to the knowledge the buyer has of ship part histories, the engineers and companies involved.

F: These are refit ships from junkyards made from A to C class parts. They are assembled by GAF approved engineers but not at GAF approved facilities.

F-: This class of ship consists of refits and patched-togethers made from dubious, 3rd class sources; D+ grade parts and… other.

The Alphabet classification follows every ship in the GAGA. A Patrol Boat, for example, that was top of the line, would be the PT Nova 160-A+. In sixteen years, it would be the PT Nova 160B.

– Tony Stark, with Technical Advisment from J. Stuart.